Stevens Mech is not longer in service. Please call another company in the bay area.

                Stevens Mechanical
                        Phone# 925-628-9591
Here is a list of services our company can help you with. If you do not see your need on this list, just call us and ask. Chances are we can help you.

Services offered:

  •   HVAC zoning systems
  •   Gas system sizing
  •   Maintenance contracts available
  •   20+ years experience
  •   Ask about our HVAC equipment inspections
  •   Will work with realtors on escrow payments
  •   Ask about a tankless water heater for use in hydronic heating  
  •   Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning services
  •   Commercial / Residential
  •   Heat-pumps
  •   Ductless split systems
  •   Service, repair and installation
  •   Duct repairs and installation
  •   Electronic Air Cleaners
  •   Hydronic systems (chilled and heating hot water)
  •   Heat- pumps
  •   Ductless split systems
  •   Centrifical pump replacement, repairs and alignment
  •   Pump coupling alignment
  •   Chiller systems (chillers, condenser towers and valves) 
  •   Start-up and commissioning of new HVAC equipment
  •   Controls trouble-shooting (pnuematic and DDC)
  •   Air handling unit repairs
  •   Exhaust fan repairs
  •   Motor change-out and bearing replacement
  •   VFD (variable frequency drives)
  •   Instrumentation and calibration
  •  Free estimates

Go Green when you can! Here are some tips and links to websites that can help you save money, and help save the planet  at the same time by conserving.

This site gives you 7 great tips to insulate your windows:

Follow the link for great tips on insulating your home to save up to 20% off your energy bill:

If you're a "do it yourself" kind of person, you can go to the DIY network, watch videos, and get ideas on how to insulate your home by clicking here:

Services Offered

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